Food Project - Help Please?

I’m trying to start a Blender project involving food and beverages, including scenes like a refridgerator, dining table, a spilled drink, etc. Being a Blender n00b :cool:, I’m finding the road to a completed scene difficult. :spin::spin::spin:
The first item that came to mind was a soda can. So far I have the can’s basic shape and the completed tab (minus subsurf/smooth/etc.)

As you may well have noticed, I’m clearly missing the cover that pops down when you open the can.:spin: It requires very intricate designs I’m not sure I’m capable of creating in Blender, as well as the fact that it bends down when open and is attached to the can when closed. I need to make it and make another version where it is detached (the question, “Can I cut it out and bend it down?” arises here…)
Help please? :spin:

Midian has just the thing you’re looking for: Video modeling tutorial of a soda can.

…I seem to be having the same problem about half the people responding to that thread are having…
However, I think I have an idea.

You mean not being able to download? Yeah, sorry about that. It was a good tutorial. If I recall, he made the shape using a bezier curve, then converted it to a mesh, duplicated it, scaled it in, twice, and then raised the middle edge to get the slight ridge. This was connected to the circular surrounding mesh by creating faces by hand.
I filled in the hole, shaped the edges of the soon-to-be opening, cut out the opening using the split tool, rotated it and reattached the edge with vertex merging, and slowly and painfully smoothed out the mountainous ridges that resulted from twisted vertex merging by hand.
Unfortunately now I’m displeased with the subsurfed outside of the top because it lost the double slope and the folded over corner is no longer as rigid…

You might get your square edges back by adding an edge split modifier. Or, you can select the now rounded edges and mark them as sharp edges using the ctrl+e menu or using Shift+e to crease them.

noob question: how do i un-subsurf? :3
shift+E isn’t working for me…?

I started with too few vertices on my cylinder

In the subsurf modifier panel, there’s a bold black X in the upper right corner. That’s the delete button.

yes i know about that but i now can’t find the panel without making another subsurf on top of it… oh well i have a previous save anyway :3

I can’t seem to get a good texture on this one… I think I’ll start a new project, which is much larger but much better planned… xD I’ll return to this when I feel the urge to make a pwnz0r refridgerator or spill on the carpet.
Thank you for the help, though :3