fool things i have done ...

list fool things that you have done in life

this is going to be funny … :smiley:

Then start out yourself.

Sandrew’s: Taken a picture of himself. :wink:

J/k. :smiley:

The pic’s awesome!!

Heeh, my brother took it. And thanks :slight_smile:

Then start out yourself.

encourage me with starting with yourselfs … :slight_smile:

Gone out in 40 degree F weather in a tee-shirt
Eat very hot soup in the middle of Florida summer
ummm… Idk, I try to forget this stuff.:wink:

I ate a bowl of cereal the other day. Which happened to be spiked with traces of peanut. And I’m allergic to peanut :stuck_out_tongue: Let’s say the drive to the hospital was a close call :stuck_out_tongue:

Oohh, Daniël, I hope you’re OK now:(

Cor 4Daniel - phew dude you need to watch out.

Now what did the fool things I do ?

Around 4k worth of posts here . . . . for starters.

And then there was a time when I . . . .

To finish kbot’s post:
…Became a BA user. :stuck_out_tongue:
I uh, told someone that Cyobrg Dragon (on his way now) is 57 years old! :eek:
(P.S. I can go out in 40 degree F anyday. Not in 30 though. :slight_smile:
(P.P.S. nothing to do with this, but today it started snowing very lightly here!!!

What ? Is CD 57 years old ? Cor that is pretty grand for a recent graduate of Maizie High School.

And Blenderman345 is 65 years old in case y’all was curious.

I’m only 20, you must’ve confused me with Pixelmass.

Let’s see, a long time ago I almost poured milk in a bowl to drink it, and on Halloween some people came to the door asking if we were donating non-perishable items even though we have them, but I took my parents literally and told them we didn’t have any.

[censured] :stuck_out_tongue:

40 degrees isnt too cold for a tshirt :\

I havn’t done anything foolish I’m perfect! :smiley:

Oh when you’re South African/Floridian it is! It will give you a bad cold!:frowning:

Gone out in 40F in flip-flops- COLD TOES!!!
Walk barefoot across an asphalt lot in Florida in August- ouch
Intervene in a fight between a raccoon and a mother cat with kittens- I hit the raccoon with the broom, because he started it, but it was a stupid thing to do.
Put IcyHot on a sore shoulder and then immediately rub my eyes- ouch again

that reminded me of the time I rubbed my eyes right after slicing jalapeno peppers…not fun. I imagine Icyhot would be just as bad if not worse.

Lol, on a ski trip I went on a few years ago I decided to go outside in the late arvo wearing only board shorts and a tshirt, barefoot. It was about -5C (23F). Played soccer in the snow with my brother for about 10 mins, running though the snow and up this huge ice hill. Now thats cold! Lost the feeling in my feet the whole time. Good fun though.

I went out in the snow in shorts and a T-shirt. :slight_smile:
It wasn’t all that bad. :wink:

When I was young, going out of a disco and bit tipsy, my girlfriend looked at a pond there was in the outside. In the middle of it there was this really unique flower and she said it was beautiful. As soon as she said that, I immediately jumped into the pond, grabbed the flower, lost my sweater that fell into the deep and took it to her, totally soaked. Then the security guys kicked me out telling me that this flower only blossomed every yaddah yaddah years, when the moon was in the yaddah yaddah position, and that it hadn’t blossomed in years!!! lol! :slight_smile: My GF was happy, but the most stupid part of the story was that I jumped in the pond with my wallet in my pocket, so my papers screwed up.

I got several other stupid stories that I’ll tell as I remember them :wink: