Foot-Planting / Getting up ragdolls

Yo! :eyebrowlift:

Do you all remember those great games in which the character tilts his feet to align to the ground or even puts his foot up on a box? Well I want to do this. To start I want to get my character to walk up a slant and bend his legs appropriately.

I think that by using armature constraints I could get the character to play leaning animations when a cube is tilted, and then get the cube to orient itself to the ground, thus bending the characters legs…:spin:…but then how do I add the walk animation???

Well I found a .blend and you can download it below, in which the character bends it’s legs in correspondence with the ground, but instead of using armature constraints the guy used a script.

But what I really want is a system like in GTA 4 where you can grab the ground and shake it, but the character will remain ballanced on the plane. (probably more of a rag-doll simulation…) like here, or here, or here

I found a rag-doll get up simulation, really amazing, and you can download it below.

Now, how to combine them and achieve a really amazing character system for blender??? All ideas are accepted, any one with a good idea gets a smile- :slight_smile: any one with a .blend gets a big grin - :smiley:

any ideas??

What you are talking about is Euphoria:

Euphoria is a very complex engine on it’s own that produces natural motion based on very complex calculations in real time. There is no other engine like it that can produce the same result in real time (That I have seen). In no way is Euphoria just simple rag dolling. rag dolling is just constraints based physics calculation that is applied to armatures/character skins. Unfortunately Euphoria is not open source, and it cannot be used in game blender.

Now, what you can do is create basic rag-dolling in blender using python (That’s right scripting it yourself). Then you can create pre-made actions, and simple mathematical calculations to allow for basic transitions from rag doll, back to your normal armature animations.

If you can produce anything like euphoria in the BGE using python, I will be rendered speechless.

Ragdolls are possible in the BGE?! The only thing I’ve ever been able to do is cube people ragdolls!

2.5 power :smiley:

Can’t wait till 2.5 is stable!!!