foot rig IK

Hi everyone,

here’s a foot rig I tried to remember from a couple years ago. I’m not sure it’s the exact same, but it works for me. I didn’t add a pole target for the knee, but of course you can do that.

Let me know what you think of it,
and if it is already a common rig.



footrig01.blend (143 KB)

no one around to test this?! Maybe I should post it in a the animation forum.

You can’t have the knee bent and the foot down at the same time :frowning:

yep, parenting problem.
should be easy to fix, I’ll take a look at it.
Thanks Ph4de for noticing.

Actually, you can, you have to grab the femur bone (not named in the file). Doing so, you can bend the knee, and the foot stays in place. Is that what you ment? This is not convenient of course, so I’m gonna add something to make it more handy.

I just added two bones, a COG and a hip bone.
The COG is the main parent and transforming it affects all the rest.
Moving the hip allows you to lower the upper body without moving the feet, thus the knee bends.
I also added a pole target for the knee.



footrig_v02.blend (147 KB)

Nice I like it.

Cool. I downloaded the first version and messed with it a bit but didn’t say anything. I am going to download the second one and take a look at it. I am rigging a character and new to rigging so I will try to learn from your file. Thanks for sharing.

I’m trying to use your file to figure out how you set up the knee target. Is it just an ik chain with that and the thigh bone? I tried that in a test file with chain length of 1 and seems to work but not sure if that is what you did.

edit: Sorry I looked it up in the Essential Blender, which I should have done before asking. They do it with a Locked Track constraint. I that how you did it?

Hi linuxpimp21,
for the knee target, I just declared the target bone (the little ball in front of the knee) as the pole target of the ik constraint of the “tibia” bone (Bone.001). The chain length is two.
There might be a better way to do it.

I just realised when you use the knee target, it also rotates the foot, which might be bad, so I fixed it by declaring the top parent of the foot bones, Bone.003 (sorry for not renaming), as a hinge (in Editing, Armature Bones). That seems to solve the problem.

The new file is attached.

What I like in this rig is it solves the problem of slippery foot. You don’t have to move the foot to keep it in place when you rotate at the ball or the tiptoes.

Hope this is helpful.



footrig_v03.blend (147 KB)

Also, I didn’t set any limits for the different rotations, you can mess with that as needed.