Foot rig not connected to leg after parenting.

Hello. Simple problem that I want to solve.

As you can see in the Picture I have parented (CTRL + P) (Keep offset) the blue marked bones to the red marked one. That lets me rotate both of them ( the blue marked bones) by just rotating the “red” one.

The problem is this…

When I attach the rig to the mesh it deforms because of this. Really annoying.

OBS: CTRL + Mousewheel to zoom in on the Pictures if too small.


Why aren’t these bones all in one armature? That’s my first question, answer please and I will reply further… You can take it from this that I think they should be. Also problems like you have described here are normally associated with un-applied rotations and scales, have you done this at all? You can check by looking at the Object panel and checking that all rotations are 0 and all scales are 1 for both the mesh and armature. Did you rotate or scale anything in object mode? If so - don’t do it again - do all edits in edit mode or apply rotations and scales before you parent mesh to armature. To apply rotations, etc select in object mode (including armature) then key CTRL+A and chose rotation and scale.

Cheers, Clock