Foot rig problem

I’ve run into a problem in my foot rig.(leg_rig.blend)

What I’ve been trying to do is get all the toes to pivot on the same plane so the ball of the feet stay parallel to the ground when the heel is raised but the solution I’ve come up with detaches the toes from the rest of the armature.

In the blend file the left foot does what I want it to do with a loc constraint on the toe bones while the right foot without the loc constraint has the toes go all wonky when the Ankle_Angle bone is rotated but they also don’t detach from the rest of the deforming bones when the hips are raised and end up with stretchy toes.

So what I’m at a loss to do is get the right foot to do what the left foot does without the wonky toes.


I don’t have Blender here to open the .blend so this may be pointless but: Have you tried a reverse foot rig? IE having the root bone be at the toes so that the foot toes/foot can rotate around that bone?

EDIT: Are you just trying to get the right toes to do the same as the left? If so, change the parent on each toe’s root bone to Foot.R and you should have the same effect.