Foot Rigging Issue

Hello all,

I am re-purposing a poser-6 model for use in blender. The reason why I am doing this is to establish a variety of base models that i can use to create custom models from. I imported it in the .obj format to ensure that it would play well with blender (which it does for the most part). The tutorial that i am following is Lee Salvemini’s introduction to rigging which can be found at: Blender’s Human Meta Rig works for the most part. However, I am facing strange deformity on the toe. r bone.

First, I thought it was the toe nails that were causing the adnormality. So I went through the painstaking progress of selecting those faces separate them and put them on a separate layer. but it wasn’t the toe nails the faces on the foot it self was deforming all crazy.

I also went through the process of setting and restting the vertex groups with no avail. The kicker is that the Toe.L bone deforms just fine when you move the bone!

Unfortunately, the file is to big to upload. but if you have an e-mail address i can send the source file that i am working on so that you can better understand my ordeal.

That must have to do with weight painting. Go to weight painting mode (CTRL+TAB), and with that bone selected start painting everything uniformly. It’s an easier way to see instantly the influence in each vertex. And if that doesn’t work select other bones (most probably nearby) to make sure you don’t have influence other bones in those vertices.

You were absolutely right! Thank you for your assistance. I overlooked the weight painting aspect.