Foot switch x 4 for Tab, Ctrl, Shft, Alt. Good or Bad Idea for experienced modellers?

Would most Blender modellers like to use a set of foot switches
to press Tab, Ctrl, Shft, and Alt?

I’ve noticed how often I use these keys and would personally
really benefit by having such a set of foot switches.
I’m aware Kenesis, Fentek, and others make foot switches in
one, two, and three switch products but I want some feedback
from more experienced modellers on the efficacy of this four foot-switch

Comes down to personal preference.

Most people always have their left hand on the keyboard which is all you need for most shortcuts.

Dankie. I suppose once I’ve been modelling for some years I will be more comfortable with the combination keys. Thanks again.

Piano students learn to use hand/eye/ear/foot coordination when reading sheet music and playing the piano, so I suppose Blender artists could too. However, having learned to model without the foot pedal, I don’t think I’d want to use one. I haven’t even programmed hotkeys into my tablet yet.

Geen probleem,jy is welkom :slight_smile:

It can take a couple of months to around a year to get used to most of the shortcuts,i’ve been modeling for around 4 years now and i am still finding new shortcuts to make modeling easier.

Thanks Orinoco.

If I could press the ‘Blender’ key while holding the ‘Work’, ‘Chores’, ‘Eat’, and ‘Sleep’ keys I just know I could model faster!

LOL :smiley: I know they are going to implement that right after they finish debugging the ‘make my movie’ button.