foot table

Here’s a project I’ve been working on for a couple days. I’m going to add a better scene soon, but I’d like some advice on the lighting and composition, and anything else that I could improve. :slight_smile:

I’ve added a chair. I’m still working on the lighting

A bigger version of the second picture would be nice.

I like the modelling, it looks very nice!
I suppose the idea is that the table and chair are made out of wood? If so, I think you could improve the materials there. They look a bit like plastic to me.
On the rug, the white patches seem too bright/glossy in comparison with the rest of the rug.

In terms of composition, I would try to move the mug more to the far right, so it counterweights the chair.

It looks a bit weird that neither chair nor table seem to cast a shadow onto the rug… The shadow suddenly starts on the floor, seemingly out of nowhere.

I somehow get confusing scale information from the items in the scene… How do you sit on the chair without bumping your knees on the table? The cup looks rather large compared to chair and table.