Foot Texturing

Where should i put the seams for LSCM Texturing??? :x

Heres a picture of the foot!!!

If link doesent work copy paste in address bar!!!

if you had a real leg, where would you cut the skin to unwrap it the easiest way? think that way.

i’d make three parts: one cylindrical unwrap of the leg itself ( a vertical cut at the back), a horizontal cut at the height of the ankle (which will separate the leg from the foot) and another horizontal cut around the “border” of the foot. so the foot has two almost-planar mappings (top, bottom) and the leg a cylindrical.

I’m currently working on something similar and am stumbling my way through it. As was stated I would definately separate the foot from the leg with a seam. Then a vertical seam up the back of the leg. The actual foot is the tricky part. I did mine the hard way. But you could slice the foot in half horizontally (cutting the toes too) with a seam. Hoefully you have a nice edge loop horizontally that goes around the whole foot. Do a “select vertex loop” then mark the seam. Unwrap it and do some pinning until there is no overlapping.

Hope this helps.