foot twist

How do I fix this foot twist?
a norman 7 7 11.blend (283 KB)

For tutorials I go to the library and time is limited. Is there a tut on rigging with no small talk, with set up done before recording the tutorial, only teaching about rigging and not small off topic tutorials tossed in.
This is for a new model I have no plans to fix this one.

After working on it, the best advice I can come up with is to use the hip and knee controllers to keep the ben from being too noticeable.

Also I found that the bones in the armature had names like bone.001, bone.002, bone.003, ect. This makes it very hard to know what bone is connected to to what, so I renamed them (except for the finger bones, I didn’t have time for thous). I also would not recommend using objects as bone parents or as bone constraint targets due to a lack of pose space. I also fixed up the armature so that the bones now properly constrain to other bone with custom shapes.


a norman 7 7 11.blend (292 KB)

Thanks for taking the time I did get it fixed I put a copy rotation target the foot pad. I tried it before but must have done it wrong because it worked this time.
Yes using object not bones was a mistake.
Thanks for the help Krisnack

You’re welcome. I also noticed that the mesh symmetry was off and I managed to clean it. I’m not sure if you want the thumb to have three bones or two, so I left that alone.

Here’s the updated version with the mesh corrected.


a norman 7 7 11.blend (293 KB)