Foot (Update - still WIP)

(hannibar) #1

This is an update of my foot, as you can see I added a leg.

comments? suggestions?


(kaktuswasse) #2

very cool! That rocks! I think u r very good!

cya henrik

(S68) #3


Getting shape, Will it be a foot of a two or four legged thing?


(Skates) #4

That’s really nice man but one thing I would say, the toes look too ‘regular’ if you know what I mean. Not enough random variation in the joint area and the place where the skin meets the claw, it should have maybe some thickness changes or something like that. I’m not saying it’s bad though, it’s really amazing! wow! Just tweaking it a bit to look more ‘natural’ would make it perfect, but that’s something that can probably be handled later with various maps.