Football Legend Ed "Too Tall" Jones WIP

Howdy folks,

Been a while since I’ve worked on anything. So decided this time around to work on a lil tribute to my childhood Idol, Legendary Dallas Cowboy defensive end Ed 'Too Tall" Jones.


here’s some more progress pics

the above football was made using the Steve Lund football tutorial btw.

update: couple new additions today.

Too tall Jones was definitely a force to be feared. You have done a real nice job on the uniforms. Just curious… is this BI or cycles?

thanks :slight_smile: I’m using cycles

update: added some more background work and tinkering with lighting.

update: more light tinkering and added some a few more sideline folks

added some misting in this one and still working on getting the grass to look decent.

update: think I’m nearing the end. though I’m going to be adding a television cam in the background before i’ll call it a day. If anyone has any suggestions to improve it I’d gladly appreciate it.


Maybe some subtle motion blur would be interesting?


I’ve never used motion blur before. I’ll give her a go and we’ll see what happens.

update: another near final here I think. still working out the motion blur/vector blur thing.

I’m trying to learn Blender and would love some tips on how you created this awesomeness!

thanks I’m glad you liked this. sorry I took so long for the reply. just had to replace my fried motherboard.
The best advice I can give is practice, practice, practice! Oh, and watch lots and lots of tutorials. Don’t be afraid to watch several tutorials on the same subject. each may have a different approach that works better for you, or that you can combine certain things that you like better. That’s what I do.
If you have any specific questions. feel free to ask :slight_smile:

Really good work. Just be careful I been doing a lot of reading up on copyright and its insane you could easily be sued for using those people names and those uniforms if you do not have permission even if its not for commercial use.So many violations of trademarks lol I don’t agree in the least with copyright nazis so not judging just be careful people getting greedier and stingier these days

thanks for the reminder. but it’s just fan art. nothing commercial about it for me. so I should be ok…then again…