Football (Soccer) Euro 2016

I did several videos showing the upcoming matches for the Euro 2016 games.
It also gives me the opportunity to present my figurines, done with Blenders and Gimp for the textures.

I’ve done 24 characters, each representing a European qualified country. I’m now doing the Copa America teams, I already did USA and Colombia!

Here some videos and a turntable:
Germany - Ukraine

USA - Colombia

Turntable player:

My Shapeways shop :

I did everything from A to Z to avoid copyrights, etc. I created the music, I play the guitar and I have to say I like that riff :stuck_out_tongue:
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I did other versions, please, notify me if there’s a mistake in Spanish (I’m in second year of Spanish)!

French version :

Do you like the videos? What about the figurines?

You could combine them into 1 commercial.