Football (Soccer) Manager Trailer.

Hi guys, i have been using Blender for a few months but i did nothing serious by now.

This one will be my first serious project i would like to share my job with you so i can get some advice to improve my work.

The project is to make a trailer for a Football Manager game. I’ve been watching others game’s trailer and the conclusion i got from them is that the most common thing to do is to make some letters explaining the most important features of the game or showing any device like a mobile/tablet with the content of the game.

I have though of making this over 5/6 different football-related backgrounds that would be different parts of a stadium.

Those parts will probably be:

1 - The Tunnels
2 - The Bench zone
3 - Locker Room
4 - An Office (It’s a manager game, so i though this would make sense)
5 - Any part of the football field with a ball on it.

I know i have a long way to go, but I’ll try my best.

EDIT: Adding the last image of each part so people can see the actual status of every part on this post.

Since i coudn’t add all of the images due to the image limit, i decided to delete the previous images.

I did them before i started this post and i’ll change them anyways so i think they are not that important.



Locker Room:

Benchs + Stadium

Yesterday I started the locker room. I need to add a lot of things but here is the first attemp.

I’m not really happy with the materials…

I spent a lot of time trying to make realistic shirts but that’s driving me crazy :no:. (I put some of them on white colors so you could see that those shirts are not flat, i tried to make some simulations there. It’s hard to see on the dark one)

I would like to have some feedback please :spin:. I’m such a newbie :confused:

Added some changes to the last scene. Not really happy with the results. I’ll keep making changes

Hey guys, i have been off for some weeks :confused:

Since i didnt had the same pc where i was working before i started one of the other parts of the stadium.
I’m a disaster… I need to finish one part before starting the rest :no:

This time it’s the image that shows the benchs

Btw, i need some advice guys :frowning:
Please, let me know how i could improve the scenes.

Just trying to get better materials/textures :spin:

Have been testing some materials but they were terrible :frowning:

I decided to change the structure of the stadium since i though the tunnels on the second row shouldnt be there