Football tribute

IM in the offseason for football right now, and im at a point where i train almosy every day
for next season. And earlier while i was training i had the idea to try and represent what football means to me, i have this whole complete scene laid out in my head, and i know what i have now isnt much but its a start.

what do you think?

C&C welcome

Good start. The colors are nice, but you need some more light to draw attention to the football. Right now it gets lost in the background. As for the football model, it doesn’t look Fat enough to be a regulation football. May be this is the camera angle playing tricks on me IDK. Also, you should look at adding Bump maps, for the wood and the football itself. Basically, without the Pig Skin look the model looks like it is made from painted plastic.

thanks ill play around with the lighting and ill tryout bumpmaps, thanks for the suggestions


i added bumpmaps to the football and the floor, as well was changed the lighting around a little bit, and added a bit more of girth to the football.

what do you think?

still too long from end to end (where the threads meet), shorten it up a bit and try to show the white threads to make it about 10X more visible as a football.

ok thanks for the input, ill try and fix it up a bit then

ok i fixed up my scene a little bit more
what do you guys think?

ok i like the texture, and good you added the threads… NOW, use the "s"key and make them a little smaller, should only cover the center ball, not span the length. also you still need to size down the whole A to select all the S to size and the X or Y twice to do local axis, then shorten it.

i know about those thing ive been using blender for about 2 years now, im just swamped withhomework right now, so ive only been addressing what people are suggesting, not really the core issuses. but as soon as im done tonight ill put what few minutes i can spare into working on this.

lol ok dude, just making sure. I know what you mean ive been on hw all night.

Hey it’s looking better all the time. I wonder how often you would be updating since you said you were busy training for the next season. One thing I noticed is that you have hard shadows, which don’t really fit with the soft light in the scene. We you get a chance try turning off shadows on the lamps you are using now and add a Spot light, set it to buffer shadows, and use it for shadows only. This way you can keep the nice light you have and get soft shadows.

ok i resized the laces, and turned a spotlight i had, to buffer shadows.

what do you think?

edit: im going to bed i have to get up in 7 hours, ill work on this more tommorow

any thoughts on what you can see so far?

Depends on how real you want to go with this. Right now the laces on the ball look printed on, like laces on a Nerf ball. To make them look real they would need to actually lace over one another, which would be a bit more modeling. Also the composition looks bare. I don’t know if it is the camera angle or the empty space on the right. It just looks lopsided right now.

I think it looks good, Nice work. But a few touch ups like Dichotomy said, and itd be perfect.