Football World Cup 2010 (South Africa)

With this event starting over the next few days, I was just curious what team you’d be supporting. As per usual, I’ll go for the underdogs - Bafana Bafana first, then NZ All Whites team.

I won’t be watching all 64 games of the 32 teams, but the finals, yeah I’ll ensure I’ll be glued on the scoreboards.

EDIT - I got the image off google!


Here we go allez allez allez, un deux trois ole ole ole ole! My friend went to South Africa to see the World Cup; five weeks in beautiful South Africa, who cares about it’s murderous reputation. I hope he comes back alive.:stuck_out_tongue:

I’m for Italy and Argentina :smiley:

I’ve been looking to get some FIFA jerseys, one before the cup (coughBuffoncough) and one after.

World Cup. Isn’t this the thing where the cool sailboats race each other?