Wah-hey! We’re all rubbish at sport (I guess, seeing as we’re all computer geeks who have nothing better to do than go on this forum), so here’s a football stadium. I don’t know why I did it, but C&C welcome, especially on how to get four shadows around the goal; it doesn’t seem to want to render any.

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May be lower the strength of your lights, are they spotlights?

check this thead for pointers

make sure you have “shadows” turned on in the f10 menu, and that your clip end of your spotlights is far enough.

Right, I’ve turned on ‘shadows’ in every single tab possible; it might be the strength of the lights - I had lots of lights all at normal strength so I had to turn the reflection down. Maybe I’ll try lowering the strength of the lights. So what do you think of the pic apart from the (lack of) shadows?

i have seen about one game of yank football so this is probably wrong but anyway. ad banner things are missing around the pitch(is that what it’s called) and some of the lines on the pitch aswell. oh and some people would be good.

It’s good. It just needs three things; Players, people and pitch markings. Oh, and the seats seem to stop at the edge of the pic. And would the writing on the seats be so far from the centre?

Just guessing, cos I know nothing about american football, but that’s the 49ers stadium, right

I made a slightly similar scene (actually, for a field marching band) and I found it easier to use some spots for lighting (with no shadow) and focused “Only Shadow” spots for the shadows. After that my only troubles were with bias. Cool scene, makes me feel like I’m still on the field at my first competition. :stuck_out_tongue:

nice…how did you make the grass??

Need grass too, but…

Skating kow: I will add people later, but I’m concentrating on the pitch right now. I’ll probably use make human script to create lots of different models and then add a few designs of clothes on them - that shouldn’t be that hard. Pitch markings: I need a banner thing with the 49’ers across it for the end of the pitch, and then I’ll add all the markings. The seats are like that on the right hand edge because that’s the alley thing where the players come on to the pitch.

Bandit: I made the grass with a decent grass texture which I got from, and then I turned ‘nor’ on in the materials tag and below that I turned the ‘nor’ sliding bar up to 3.

liar, i played soccer for my schools team last year. i love soccer. :smiley:

finally one american who likes soccer, it’s really am awesome sport. hey the field is to simple, needs players, should work on the reflectors and on the seats, also needs pitch markings

liar, i played soccer for my schools team last year. i love soccer. :D[/quote]

your avatar is a bit misleading then

nice work.

for the shadows, just make sure that the clipend is high enough. (the line in the middle of the spot should go further than the object.
the grass needs a bit more nor IMHO…


Nice work, looking forward to see the people and the other stuff. :smiley:

I’m not an expert in football, but the playground (grass) looks like a 6th league soccer playground. Thought football is played on artifical grass.

Short update coming soon (Just being uploaded onto the server).

It will be at:

a lot better. it would also be good if you could put some names on the ad banners like mcdonalds starbucks etc

Yeah, I was rather hoping that some people would give me the textures for that kind of stuff, like the 49’rs banner logo for the touchline. I’ve updated the picture at the top of page 1 now.

Oh, yeah, I finally figured out that it was rendering shadows, only it made it appear as if the goal was about 500 feet up in the air, so it rendered the shadow on the other side of the pitch. For some reason, if the spot lamp is further away from the object, then the shadow appears a long way from the object making it appear as if it is in mid air. I’ll fix shadows in the next update.

The ally’s less obscure, the ad banners are good, the space between the seats seems better and I think there’s some other change. All in all, good improvment.