If you’re a college football fan and haven’t heard about the upset, tough

If only, the ducks didn’t lose Dixon… :frowning:

and a whole crew of other starters… injuries really hurt teams
I hope Darren wins it (now, at least)

Hurray. I’m not at all a sports guy… but I am surprised to see this here.

If Darren doesn’t get the heisman, I’ll be suprised. Sure, Tebow is a good quarterback, but that’s all he is. Darren does it all, man.
and he’s way more fun to watch.

Thanks a lot for upsetting the no. 1 team. Now that means that Kansas and Missouri will play for the number 1 spot and put a lot of people in my state (and a neighboring one) in suspense (I don’t watch football)

Oh, and if Missouri wins our state governor will have to wear Missouri black and gold to an economic development meeting.

I don’t care about football though.

Yeah, saw this. One of many big upsets this year. Michigan being the biggest upset of the season, imo.

Makes Ohio State #3 now, which is good.


What is that, 12 unranked upsets of the top 5 now?

@BgDM: Go Pitt and/or Oklahoma! Too bad about the long wait before bowl season.
O and Appalachian State is HOT HOT HOT!

Hey if this is a discussion about bragging then how about the mighty Arsenal huh? 3 points on top with a game in hand. Bring on the championship and bring home the European cup. Up the Arsenal!!!