Football's best ever 22?

If you were to assemble a squad of 22 of the best football players the world’s ever seen, who’d make the team?

To start off, I’d have to pick Peter Schmeichel for goalkeeper, and Thiery Henry as a striker. Who else?

Peyton Manning as the whole team :smiley:

Me, of course.



say, who’s team was it that won the superbowl this year? oh, that’s right, NOT YOURS.


Lua, i hope youre kidding…

no, really.

since when did your (well, technically mine as well) american football have a goalie (or a striker, for that matter)?

if you are being serious, well, hear hobbes, for he speaks the truth

Kind regards,

P.S. sigh… i guess it must be said: congrats to the colts for winning the superbowl (even though im still bitter about afc championship game.)

yes, i was joking. :wink:

If I cared about American football at all, I still wouldn’t be offended. The Cleveland Browns are AWFUL, and the Bengals aren’t much better. The only thing Ohio has going for it is OSU, and they played terrible in the National Championship. Which, by the way, was against Florida. Not Indiana.

But you were kidding all along eh?

To the origininal question: Add Franz Beckenbauer, Ferenc Puskas, and Johan Cruijff to that list.

American football is boring as hell to watch, but European football is even more so.

Screw watching sports in general. I never understood why anyone would care the slightest.

aye. i was. personally, i don’t even care about televised sports. i’m happy my state team won the Superbowl, though.

Crazy talk.

Add Franz Beckenbauer, Ferenc Puskas…to that list.
I’ll have to take a look at these guys on Youtube, having never really gotten to see them play myself. but Johan Cruijff Gets a place.

Theiry Henry:
Peter Schmeichel:

Watch Thiery’s goal at 6:16 of that video. Literally amazing.

Rather make Franz Beckenbauer the coach.

We’ve got our first strike partnership.

i would not want to put Peter Schmeichel as goalie.As for attacking here are my choices:

goalkeeper: Dudek
striker: thierry henry(he is my favourite soccer player BTW)
left midfield: cristiano ronaldo
center midfield: gerrard
right midfield: owen

and i dont find soccer boring at all.Since i am the striker and captain of my HS soccer team. I enjoy watching it more than any other sport.

Thiery Henry is a definite, because he’s great. But all of those other are maybes. Dudek over Schmeichel? Are you crazy? :stuck_out_tongue:

As for Owen - Do you mean Michael Owen?

yep michael owen.

dudek aint that bad though.Oh i forgot Van Nisteroy(i dont know how his last name is spelt LOL)he could be the second striker.

Dudek is quite good, but I’ve never seen him put in a real godlike performance like Peter Scheichel sometimes did…

And Michael Owen would be best placed as a center forward - I don’t think he could play right midfield.

Van Nistelrooy was amazing for united. I’d have to agree.

Do you think David Beckham would earn a place on the squad?