Footy a Work in Progress

Hi to all, I would like to introduce Footy to everyone. Throughout the months I have been working on him in various stages. I now have the first opening scene in rough form for you to view. I hope to have the final animation done by March of next year. This short has him coming into a studio to see pictures of himself and gets into a little trouble. The opening scene is Footy trying to read his name. He is just discovering how to read.

Definitely some nice “pure facial-inflection” animation going on there – I definitely got a glimpse of this cat’s emerging character. Very nice.

Now – I do think that the cinematography (and choreography) of this pivotal opening scene could definitely be stronger: for instance, a brief reverse-angle where we can plainly read the writing on that door. I think that the most-effective visual storytelling might involve more “cuts” and “reverse angles” than right now you have done.

A strategy that works well for me is: “edit, then shoot.” Use stand-in geometric shapes to work out the strongest possible storytelling, then go back and fill-in the actual shots.

Why thank you sundial. Very good comments as well and easy to do. I do have a storyboard but can definitely focus on more shots n the beginning, Possibly some extreme angles of the studio. I have a reverse POV of what he is seeing but was wanting to get this up in time so someone I know could see his character. Definitely will make notes for this and appreciate your comments. By the way, a friend of mine sent me some pics of children watching it and captivated…just love it. Thanks again for your kind words.

He is just now starting to get into his scene but unfortunately I dont have that up yet. I am on a roll now and things should speed up. I will probably remix as well since I wanted to clear some things out of the initial mix.

Reworked the opening. The old link does not work anymore so uploading the new one.