for 2009 F1

Hi all,
this is my wip F1 project for this year’s challenge.
Now this is the first day for this, I just do the concept model work, not too many details, I will post more in the future.
Any c&c welcome :slight_smile:


no back wheels?

Heavily reminds me of this one:

Wow Great! I keep find that concept design for quite a long time, I just remember only little when I see this design long time ago. It inspired me a lot and I put some idea from that to my F1, now I think I can get more detail idea from that Shark. Thanks man!:smiley:

I don’t think it’s a good idea to put even more things from this concept into your F1-Car. It should still be your own design and your own creation, I think, and copying too much from (or being inspired too much by) any concept car would mean that it’s not your own creation any more.

Just my personal opinion, I don’t know what the rules say here, and what the rights of the Audi-Designers are.

Hmm… nice one, but it doesn’t fit to the one existing design rule of the contest. :frowning:

The ONLY design criteria required is that all entries must make use of an open-cockpit configuration common to contempory Formula One cars.

sorry for my mistake, ye I think I almost break the rules, so I’m try to change the car design.
I want to create some thing could looks like abstract. I prefer Robet T’s abstract work and I love that. I want my F1 didn’t looks like a machine but should looks like abstract dolphin or sth else. It is jumping into some abstract ocean and hit some “water-flow”~
ye I’m doing some concept design yet so everything maybe change soon. Hope I can get any ideas from your guys. :slight_smile:


nice keep it up!

thx man~
ya, some small car changes and added a small driver. I want it looks more like a “big fish” F1 :)~
Not quite sure the color balance, just want some magic style~ so maybe I gived too much colors```anyway, any ideas? :slight_smile:


The green and purple work together excellently IMO, but in my head the red doesn’t look great against such a strong colour combo (green/purple) I’d consider re-thinking the car colour. maybe even the angle of the car since the image is really really nice to look at (I’d use it for my background) but it’s taking the focus away from the car IMO

woow much better.

It’s a bit hard to make out the detail in the new image, it’d really bright.

Looking good though.

Inspiration? ;).

ye, indeed I did find lots of abstract art CG pictures and I want to take more ideas from them. I want to do something looks like colorful lighting curves, strong high-light rainbow or different color spark or sth else~ I never do any abstract pic before so this time I would love to take a shot.
I don’t know what exactly it should be cos I even didn’t have a real clear concept in my mind~ just a very bur imagination in my head. I want to try to mix or replace some of them together and add something new from me.
I see most of the rules for this game is talking about the car and many entries are based on car details. I would love to do sth different from others :). maybe this will break the rules but I’m enjoying and having fun in this. The winner honer maybe didn’t mean anything to me but having fun makes me feel great. So I want to focus more on the env this time, and the F1 car should be only part of the pic I think :p~
I hope I can get some feedback from u guys :slight_smile:


hm… suddenly feel like to add some tentacles, just like those in the movie ED…
a bit of small layout, I didn’t make the color plan yet```` :slight_smile:


hmm… interesting, but with all that noise and pieces flying everywhere i really find it hard to see what is car and what is scenery, and then see details beneath that.

weird, my post vanished

Personally I think the tentacle things detract from the flow of the image, they could fit in depending on how you textured them I guess but as a solid vine like mass it looks a bit out of place.

I got some idea from the movie <speed racer> both for color and the effect.
And also my “Big fish F1” :slight_smile:
maybe need more tweak to change. I just first present one concept in my mind :slight_smile:
maybe too busy``` still try to figure out some better way to show the scene. :o


I actually quite like the colours in the version - post 9. It’s much easier to read in my opinion. Glad you watched Speed Racer for inspiration, this piece could draw much from that.

I personally like a lot of detail in images, but it does help to have some larger, simpler/plainer forms to help us ‘read’ the image, which is why I like the other version. Perhaps if the coloured ‘hovertrack’ pieces stayed larger and brighter and then a crowd/stadium shot behind them in the gaps? Might look cool with some big lamps under the car shining on the track to help it stand out a lot more as well.

Looking good!

There’s a LOT going on.
Lovely colour scheme.
I can’t help but say that it feels as if the motion has totally vanished. I feel as if the car is stopping. Or everything around the car is moving but not the car. I know it’s not really helpful crit, but it’s an impression I’m getting, may just be me though :slight_smile: still, looking good :slight_smile: