For all book lovers, You gotta feel this...



Hmmm… register your books, have them identifiable with a unique number…

Why do I get the feeling I shouldn’t start handing out my copies of “Anthrax for Dummies” and “How to get away with murdering political figures”

Sounds like a cool idea… but the surrealist in me (the one afraid of our fascist Big Brother government) says I should just burn them before they come knocking at my door…

Hmmm… not a bad idea. A whole world-shaped library full of numbers where books come to take them out, and a lollipop lady with a square lollypop with a book on the end who shows them across the road…

Giving books numbers! It’s like a prison! Nooooooooooooooo!!!

Hrm… I’d guess we’d better not tell Thor about ISDN’s, hehe.


Maybe the idea of building a library for oneself is antiquated, but I like to hold onto my books. Knowledge is Power. Oh, and since most of my books are manuals and textbooks, I like to have them around to refer to.

hmmm ? How about to make the whole world a wardrobe ?

Wear clothes.
Register clothes.
Release it to someone else.

Well… I’m waiting for the day when we get rid of this stupid physical media for intelectual property idea. Of course… we need a way to make sure all licenses are properly enforced, but anyhow… You know, it always ticked me off to see in Star Trek (TNG and later) when someone would have an armfull or deskful of those PADs, and be searching through to find one in particular. It’s all digital! You only need one or two, maybe three or four (just so you can have a few things spread out in front of you at once), beyond that, it’s all just computer memory. In the future, I’m gonna have a huge library of books, and it’ll take a small chunk of one of my harddrives. (I’m already somewhat there, anyone else use Safari by InformIt/O’Riley?)