For all people around the world !!!

I have question for all people around the world: Do you know tale “Three Little Pigs” ?

On Wikipedia it is described:

Please tell me do you know this tale or not and please write you come from…
This very interesting me, I want know if this tale know all the world…


I’m from Scotland, and have heard of it.
I also saw a parody of it once, three little wolves and the big bad pig:D
So it’s pretty well known over here.

Know it canada:D

England - Yes


Belgium - of course.

THX, THX guys for answers !!! I’m waiting for more Peace for all !!!

Well known as a fairy tale in the US. The canonical version for several generations now is probably Disney’s 1933 animated short with the song “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf.”

My daughter had a great parody version called “The True Story of the Three Little Pigs” which is told from the perspective of the wolf, who is in the Pig Jail for attempted murder. Great illustrations by the same person who did the “Stinky Cheese Man.”

New Zealand… yes

scotland, yes.
roald dahl did an awesome parody; the pigs call little red riding hood to come help them, and she shoots the wolf, and makes a fur coat. Then, she shoots the pigs to make a handbag (for good measure). It’s brilliant.

If really anybody don’t know this please tell me Regards !

Australia - Yes. And can I just say cooking a wolf alive is a very cruel and unusual way of killing it.

New Zealand - Yes

Belgium - Of course !

Finland - Oh yes

Wales - yes

Just wondering, why do you want to know?

Emerica - Yea

Estonia - Yup.
I even played a part in a play of it in kindergarten :stuck_out_tongue:

Another yes for America.