For all you developing/planing to develop a game READ THIS


i have seen way to many people plan to develop a game but dont know how to present or orgenise their information properly

this effects in many people giving up on their ideas or people attacking the poster with propositions and bad comments

well i am tired of seeing this and this is why i am posting this

Contains a technical document that professional companies use for their own game development. Hopefully some one will use this as it WILL help, and i hope i didn’t waste my time typing all this up

I’m going to use this…

It’s a very noble try, but I’m affraid they will take the paper and write answers, instead of telling their own story :no:

1.1 I program in visual basic, I thinks??!
1.2 Jump as high as you can while shooting aliens!!1!1!!!

2.1 Widgets.
2.2 I don’t have planes in my interface.
2.3 I’m not creating a flight simulator11!
2.4 You can click with mouse and aliens will shoot then, I guess?!
2.5 MMORPG!!!
2.6 With multiple players.
2.7 Very difficult, need cheatz0rs to get through.
2.8 640 hours!!

3.1 ShOoting big fat bad a$s aliens!!1!
3.2 Alienshooting!!
3.3 Dunno, high I thinks??!
3.4 None
3.5 To rip out alien hearts
3.6 No waaay!!1!
3.7 They would like to comlete it to save the earth.
3.8 Me alone!
3.9 Yes, big fat aliens!!11!11!!!1

4.1 Shooting aliens
4.2 Shooting aliens
4.3 Whole game is one big level!1!!
4.4 Big.
4.5 Player and fat aliens
4.6 Go right, left, turn around, jump, shoot, killlzz!!!1!!1!
4.7 -->
4.8 Teh sound will be recorded by the great brittain orchestra
4.9 Aliens walk into view and player shoots them to rip heart out.

5.1 Gamerzz
5.2 Hardcore!!1!
5.3 Hardcore I say!!
5.4 Tis product has more f0cking aliens!!1!1!
5.5 None.
5.6 Everything l33t!!!
5.7 N0thing, my game r0x0rs them all
5.8 No way man
5.9 DO: Coding and creating art for fr3ee!!1!!!1

Your reply is like one of those chain letters with questions like,

  1. what is your favorite color?
  2. Do you think I’m your best friend?
  3. Do you love me?

Aardbei : Funny but I think unnecessary !

Vitaliy: Thank you for putting together and good production plan that we can refer people to. Well written and easy to understand.

Well, it wasn’t really meant to be funny. Some people at sites like would really do that.
(I’ve been there for years in the old days, but not with this username)

What I was trying to say is that some people will take the document and actually “reply” to it instead of using it as a guideline to write out their plans.

For those who are serious about developing a game, I do think it’s a very good document.

if you seriously look into the game dev contracts signed by large companies (all of them are top secret but some were miraculously released to the public)

all the answers to these questions are at least one who sentence, but most of them explain in detail of about a paragraph in length

if you cant take the time to fill out a simple production plan to get the attention of developers that might potentially want to join your project, then whats to say that you will even finish the project.