For all you Wii fanboys

I’m going to say first off, I’m not a Wii supporter and I want it to die a horrible, horrible death :stuck_out_tongue: but there’s a Mac in the video so I thought I’d post it. Actually, if you’re a true Wii fanboy, you’ll probably know about this capability but I thought I’d give you a heads up if you didn’t.

Apparently the Wiimote is going to be sold separate and being bluetooth can be used with a machine with bluetooth capability as long as the drivers are available. Someone has hacked together some drivers already.

So, here we go, a combination of tools we would never have dreamt of a few years ago - a Nintendo Wiimote used to control Half-Life 2 in Windows on a Mac:

It does look a bit awkward at the moment and I reckon it would get painful pretty quick but I’m sure they will tweak the settings as it develops. I have to say that I am getting tired of the keyboard and mouse. I like minimalism and the Wiimote goes some way towards that goal. Maybe it will replace the mouse one day.


If people have fun playing the Wii, who cares?

Fanboy 101: Section b.2, ‘How to Casually Offend a Group of People You’ve Never Met for No Readily Apparent Reason’

If people wanted to hear news from digg they can just go to digg, no need to funnel from digg to here.

That said, the demo is (irony) running on windows, but it was developed by a linux group.

Oh wow. now i’m gonna buy a wiimote for this :slight_smile: so once they update and fixs some of the bugs I could use it for everything like web-surfing (firefox has alot of good mouse gesture add-on that would work well with this), FPS (of course :slight_smile: i got a few FPS games I would love to use this with), and other simple games like GridWar (once they figure out how to include the nunchuck).

Dont forget the fact that the strap breaks and cracks your screen when it flys thru the air at 100 mph because you were trying to kill that monster with sweaty hands!

Check the pic of the guy who broke his $3,000 flat screen tv!

well look like all you have to do is to reinforce your wriststrap or add some kind of rubber or something easier to grip (even when sweaty) to the battery cover and the surrounding area on the wiimote. that would only cost me about $5 to do and maybe 15 minutes or less. and beside I don’t have a $3,000 flat screen tv to break over here :stuck_out_tongue:

Who cares about what? That you can use a wiimote elsewhere?

Oh jeez, look the thread is about the wiimote, not my opinion on the wii. I’m just saying that despite my prejudices, I went to all the bother of giving the people who may be interested in the subject some news they may not have heard in which case you should be more grateful than average.

I didn’t get it from digg so I don’t really see your point.

Yeah but that’s just 'cos games like Half-Life 2 don’t run on Linux. I think that’s called monopoly not irony but let’s not go there. Now that’s irony - that I’m taking the moral high ground on the fanboying. :stuck_out_tongue:

Finally, my target audience for the thread has arrived. Thanks for the post.

Haha, I was waiting on that happening. The bowling one is really bad as well as the fishing and grenade throwing because intuitively, you want to let go of what you are throwing.

Maybe Nintendo need to make stronger straps. I don’t see how it would break though. I’m wondering if that guy wasn’t wearing it and someone is looking for a new TV from Nintendo.

Lol thanks :slight_smile: I might buy it this thursday when I get my paycheck and if I could find some used wiimote (fat chance of that happening). But one of the issue is that it seems that I’ll have to get a bluetooth adapter or something to use the wiimote. Do anybody have any suggestion for a cheap one that I may be able to position right below the monitor? (my computer is under the desk below the monitor so i only need about 3 feet of cords to position the bluetooth thing)

Lol, sure, whatever you say.

Well you just went there, so:

It’s an irony, because Linux groups are usually supposed to develop primarily for linux, but yet they still churn out code for use with windows exclusive apps.

The monopoly is a cause, but the act is an irony, because linux is supposed to represent all this freedom and open practices, yet they usually end up promoting the closed source windows product.

And that’s irony.

If you really want people to believe this, perhaps you shouldn’t have named the thread “For all you Wii Fanboys” and the first line of your post shouldn’t have been…

It’s rather strange that you seem to be so upset that other people are having fun in a way that is different than the way you do. Especially to the extent that you want their fun eliminated.


Bluetooth is not directional, like infra-red. You can plug the dongle in under the desk if you like. I have one on my laptop, with my cellphone connected to it and it works on a raduis of about 10m, maybe more, through walls, etc… I can hear it beep as it connects/disconnect when I walk around the house with the phone. Bluetooth dongles are cheap, about 15$ or so.

What Zarf said.

Oh ok thanks :slight_smile: I haven’t used bluetooth before and had to ask. I thought that it was directional but it better this way. I may have to wait a few day but i’ll try to get this set-up as soon as possible. maybe this weekend.

There is also a python script to allow you to use your Wii-mote on Linux.

It also means you can use the Wii-mote on your PS3 as well…

Irony. This looks interesting. Whenever my external modem arrives, I’ll reinstall Fedora and give that a go.

Just make sure it’s not from that guy who launched it at his TV. :wink:

As someone said, it should be ok to position it anywhere. Because the wifi gets jammed up a lot where I work, we use Bluetooth for file transfer over a good 3-4ft, sometimes more. As for model, I don’t know a good one but I got a Belkin one that seemed to work ok.

I swear, I got it from another forum. Of course, that’s not to say they didn’t get it from Digg.

Oh, I see where you’re coming from but still, what else were they going to do? Wait on a Half-Life 2 port to Linux? I suppose they could’ve used Tux racer to try it out. :slight_smile:

I don’t know what you mean by ‘believe’. If you mean people might think it’s fake, that’s up to them. I just came across it somewhere and thought people might be interested. Also, my abusive comments are totally negated by the :stuck_out_tongue: emoticon. I think that’s why it was invented. :slight_smile: I’m not being serious when I say those things, I’m just poking fun. The word fanboy isn’t even that abusive is it? People call me (and you incidentally) a fanboy all the time and it does no harm.

Hmmm, I wonder if any games will come out for the PS3 that will have the Wiimote as a requirement. Would they be allowed to do that?

I think itsonlu if you have Linux installed on your ps3, but I’m not sure about the details.

Tribes 2 is on linux. It would be a good game to test the wiimote with.