For beginners: Tank track, bicycle chain, classic chain... (include .blender files)

Hello, I want to share tutorial how to easy model nice motorbike, bicycle chain, other chain on path, tank track. Where is the difference with existing ways and tutorials? I am using two Planes per link pair for natural chain bending on curves. Blender file in attachement.

If you want only to see how to arrange objects for Face Duplication, Array Modifier and set Curve Modifier modifier start at time 22:28

There is another video how to model bicycle chain link:

For beginners, very easy, step by step, hope will be helpful. Best watch in 1080p HD. Thanks for watching.


chain.blend (767 KB)

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Classic chain with the same technique

Hello, 3D model of tank track based on the same technique like bicycle chain. How to arrange objects for Face Duplication, Array Modifier and set Curve Modifier is explain in this video at 22:28. Tank track blender file in attachement, rotate sprocket by Y axis for move track and wheels


tank-track.blend (1.46 MB)

Can you please not put them in .zip files

Nice tutorials btw

These are great! did not realise anyone had anything up like this… I have been doing Tank Track Tutorials for while trying to ge the information out about all this… Thanks for the great post!!!

No problem, I just unpacked from zip, and attached .blender. I have another video (file in attachement) that - in my opinion - very good shows differences between modeling e.g. chain by putting object directly on path, and put on path but as child of plane. Separate plane for separate part of chain link is very, very good way, I think. I do not know how to beauty finish (render with lights, backgroudns…) my models, but latest work of norvman excellent shows application of two plates on one curve


track-diff.blend (754 KB)

Blender has a compress option in save as dialog, that’s why it’s not needed to zip them even if you want to put them in an archive.

Great looking Tutorial type videos… Great work man… keep it up!