For Blender 2.8 - Simple Batch Render, Simple Material Replacement, Rigged Systems

Now all my addons work for Blender 2.8 Beta.
It is:
Simple Batch Render -
Simple Material Replacement -
Rigged Systems -

Simple Batch Render
When you need to render out pictures from one or many blenderfiles this addon on makes it very easy to make a .bat file that can be executed from inside Blender or as it separate .bat file started with a click from your desktop without having to open up Blender first.

Simple Material Replacement* Addon stores and reuse material names on obejcts. Once set it is simple to write back materials to objects that already are in the material data base.

Using “Rigged Systems Addon”, it is easy to create movements on, among other things, cylinders. You can easily import respective pre-defined systems for cylinders, turnbuckles and universal joints. Even simple features are included like, " Cursor to objects mesh ", " Empty to object ", " Selection to selected ", “Selection to selected - And copy rotation”. Also there is a feature that “Add Rotating axis” amongs selected directions. Also the features “Empty to object” and “Add roating axis” works in edit mode.


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I have problem with materials, after importing my objects from other
*.blend files I have material wall wall.001 wall.002 wall.003 … wall.999 …

It it horrible,
can I with your tool “Simple Material Replacement”
by 1 click set all my these objects to simple wall ?


Yes you can.
As long as each material has got one without the .001 and since you have got wall and then wall.001 and so on it will work.


It seams, it works :slight_smile:

:slightly_smiling_face: Good

Now I have updated the “Simple Material Replacement” addon so it also have got a function for batch import 3D files. You can import different 3D files, like .obj. .3ds .fbx and .stl and the output will be one new .blend file for each input file. It also makes a group in each .blend file if you want to link or append it to some other .blend file.


I often need to append object from other *blend files
and I would love to have an options there: “remain existing materials” …
not rename it .001,2,3 … :slight_smile:

Hi, you can develop this a little bit more?
I am not sure i understadn what you mean.

Hi there was similiar plugin in import , append dialog
with new options.
Maybe this …

Or in your plugin dialog new button:


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