For challenge Underground City - CC please

This is almost done, the only thing I am thinking to add is one or two characters. This is raw from cycles so no postproduction was done yet. I will probably add some bloom and darken bit upper floors. I will be very happy to hear what you could suggest, how to improve it.


I like the idea, but I’d try to get rid of the “fog.” And, maybe put some lighting in those various cubbyholes so we get a sense of what’s in them. (Why is exactly one of them “bricked up?”) Should there be a skylight up there, as an excuse to add a little bit of bluish illumination to contrast with the reds? I would try for a glowing tree, surrounded by glowing particles and maybe a little bit of glow/mist, surrounded at least on the second and third stories by a building that is high-contrast.

Anyway – it’s very nice.

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thank you very much. you raised a lot of ideas and questions. Your feedback is awesome.