For Fun

Coming soon?!

Fun with Gilga on Halloween. )))

That looks great!

Nice! i like the idea, but the cloths look new and there is nobdust on the cloths and the body, it loses de feel…

What does the book say?.. what does the movie poster say?

Is this the main character from “Tube”?

…my bad… “Wires for Empathy”?

Hey.Thanks guys.

Xraygunner: Yes. It is “Wires for Empathy”. Joke…fun…Halloween

bigbad: book … the Gilgamesh epic, script. poster … Joke. The project is done very long. Maybe in future we will be see the movie poster whit text “Coming soon”. )))

Sorry… after posting that, I realized what you were joking about. Lol!.. very nice. :smiley: