For K-rich and the rest..

(Goofster) #1

Those forestfires in the US are raging like mad. let’s show some support for all the people that have to leave their house behind.

we’re with you guys


(blengine) #2

the fires taking out all north arizona right??? sheesh…my friend ryan lives there =( he didnt have to vacate yet…

of course, we’re with you all =)


(Timothy) #3

Yeah I heared about the news of K-rich, if you read this I wish you the very best dude. Surely you’ve been trough enough lately.


(ray_theway) #4

Here in NM, we’re getting all the smoke from the Rodeo fire. Smells like a huge barbeque out here, but then you remember people’s homes might be burning. Our mountains are only a couple miles from my home and I can barely see them.

My regards to the fire crews and everyone in Arizona and Colorado.

(joecool) #5

K-Rich lives there!?
I hope and pray everyone is safe. :frowning:

(dreamsgate) #6

our thoughts and prayers are with you.

(theeth) #7

my best wishes to those in needs.

K-Rich, I really hope nothing bad happens to your wife and kid.


(beatabix) #8

imgranpaboy -> you have the most innappropriate sig for this topic.


(ray_theway) #9

Wait - who’s K-rich? I’m confused. I was just commenting on the fires. Sorry.