For Mac Users : Pixelmator Upgrade for 29 US $

Hi all OS X users,

if you are tired of Photoshop or Gimp X you might want to look at Pixelmator.

They made the switch to the new App Store and thus offer the ability to purchase a current 1.65 version for 29 $ and you will get the 2.0 Upgrade for FREE this late summer.

The 2.0 Upgrade has some amazing new photo retouch tools like the healing brush pushing you closer to Photoshop and it also finally has vector shapes.

I think Photoshop is still the best photo tool but for most tasks it is to slow for me thus I use Pixelmator a lot.

More info here:

I hope they improve their tablet workflow, it has a nice brush engine but for digital painting it is a bit clunky (when I last checked a couple of months ago anyway).

Me two

but I think they will - the problem seems sometimes to be the GPU power for screen refresh.
But the brush color and texture selection modes are finally much much better.

I mean I am not a Pixelmator man but for 29 Dollars? This is a real deal if dont want need or cannot afford PS.


Layer effects FTOG! I can dream of that day though.

App Store is awesome, Final Cut Pro X is going for $299, and it’s rumored to be really cheap the Apple Motion 5 also.

Pixelmator is great, maybe not a PS replacer/killer but still very useful and fast.
The upcoming 2.0 looks like a nice and welcomed upgrade :yes:

Yeah I pre-ordered Pixelmator. cekuhnen is right in terms of how affordable it is compared to PS. However, my new favorite is Acorn. Acorn has a simpler interface, and layer effects ( also on the app store ). Not quite as speedy as Pixelmator though.