For Modo user switching to Blender 2.8

On my uni -I study graphic deisgn btw- there’s a room of Macs and everyone but the 3 people using mac hate it. You can’t snap the windows to the sides to split the screen and switching between windows is slow as there’s always an animation, I tried asking people using macs what they can’t do on windows that they can on mac, I even discovered them how to do on mac some things that I use on windows and it was new to them. I would geninely like to know what do you do on mac, specially to make my time on that room better, lol.

There are a lot of things. Not all related to Blender specifically but Finder imo is far batter than explorer in certain tasks and has features that you normally have to download a utility or add-on to do in Windows. macOS’ has a tagging system, the search actually works and is not dog slow like on Windows (search is supposed to be “fixed” in the next version of Windows 10). You can batch rename files easily in macOS without needing to use a utility. Windows snapping may not be a thing (tho you can get an app to do that) but I can do things like see all the open windows for a specific app (very helpful when working on a multi window project) all grouped. Mission Control is ten times better than Windows’ virtual desktop implementation imo.

if you do Audio work macOS quite handily beats Windows, if not in performance then definitely in features.

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Fair enough, I haven’t used the finder as much, but from what I’ve seen the view of columns where you go inside a folder and can still see the parent folder is pretty good. I’ve also. heard numerous times audio is handled much better on mac.

  1. Pie Menu Editor, on gumroad or Blender Market,
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It’s definitely neat tool. In Modo I have custom RMB click context menu, I guess you can’t do that natively so I might have give that Pie Menu Editor a try.

You can do that. you can either append various custom entries to the context/RMB menu. Or you can build your own. Requires some python though. This is a popular one, not sure if it has been updated for 2.80.


Sorry to jump on this thread guys, but coming from modo I miss been able to toggle through verts,edges and faces with spacebar. Ive customised the heck out of blender 2.8 so I can flow with it but the toggling between verts, edges and faces is the only thing slowing me down when modelling. Is there a way this can be done? I woud appreciate any feedback. Thanks.

Tbh, I would advise trying to remove the habit of using the space bar for component toggle. I really wish Modo did not include that as it is not an optimal way to work. Modo also provided 1-3 keys for component selection with is a lot faster and more direct. This same approach exist in Blender.

There is also the option in blender to select vert, face and edge without having to switch between them, simply based on where you click on the mesh.

Hi, there is an overview for keys changing in Blender 2.8

Cheers, mib

I had a look through it. I do use the tab to use the pie menu to switch between the modes, so thats good, Just hoped a spacebar switch was available or able to map. Thanks though. Ive changed so many hotkeys where as im comfortable, the spacebar is the only one i miss. Its not the end of the world.

I think it comes down to experience. The space bar component mode helped me model really quickly in modo so it was personally beneficial. I have changed quite a few hotkeys in blender 2.8 since i began using it a week ago. I am comfortable in it please dont get me wrong. The spacebar toggle mapped like modo would have been a great addition to my modelling but its not the end of the world. Im ok with the pie modes menu. Just thought I might as well ask. You never know with blender. You can do so much.

This, and being able to cut/copy/paste geometry with the standard shortcuts were the two things I missed the most when I moved from Modo to Blender way back when. During the transition, I thought it sucked having to hit Ctrl+Tab to bring up my element selection over just hitting the spacebar to cycle through them. Eventually I got used to it, and with 2.8, hitting 1,2, or 3 to switch between them became second nature surprisingly quickly.

Though I have to admit that the latter is still something of a sore point for me, because even though I’ve gotten used to duplicating and separating with Shift+D and Y/P, then recombining with Ctrl+J, it’s all really not as smooth and intuitive as hitting ctrl+X/C/V. for whatever you want to do.

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Thanks Mate, i tried following the instructions from the link you game me but I could only toggle vertices on and off, not switch between them.

As a Modo veteran, I would love to be able to switch to Blender. I keep trying, but I am so firmly entrenched in the MeshFusion workflow at work and in game dev, that I am hard-pressed to give it up. It’s a killer modeling tool that I would LOVE to see a Blender equivalent of.

HardOps isn’t the same, but MESHmachine is closer with the boolean chamfer overlap stuff. Not completely there though, since you still need to do some boolean cleanup to the operations, which is a no go. That adds too much extraneous overhead to the modeling workflow.

Any plans to add similar functionality? I did see the Bevel After Boolean add-on that’s close, but it’s just too damn destructive right now.


Background constraint. :ok_hand:

I’d love to see this in Blender too. But I imagine it is a real complex tool to replicate in any app.

And it is because of this tool, I have been thinking about adding Modo.

I would say for now, switch over as much as you can to take advantage of some of Blender’s tools.

That probably won’t help you…lol

But I have been around modeling and 3D for some 20+ years and I can’t imagine something like Mesh Fusion just appearing anytime soon outside of Modo. It is just too advanced of a tool that as you well know had years of development even before it was included in Modio.

Well the thing is, it actually has appeared outside of Modo, amazingly enough. A 3rd-party plugin for Maya called HardMesh ( is nearly identical. A co-worker uses it and I can confirm the mesh result and workflow are almost exact, and I hear they have the plugin in beta for 3dsMax as well. So I continue to hold out hope that Blender could get something in the future.

Currently testing the beta. It is fantastic. It’s a modifier in Max and works flawlessly with all Max’s mods and procedural workflow. And yes, it is practically identical to Meshfusion(which I’ve used in the past) and uses the same non-destructive strips and normal transfers, with the bonus of the power on Max’s native modifier proceduralism.

Oh cool! I used Max for about 7 years before switching to Modo. Having MeshFusion abilities in the stack would be sexy. So yeah, any day now Blender…

Only other thing Blender needs is a fast and easy workplane. Hell, even Max has a plugin for that (miauu’s workplane).