For Modo user switching to Blender 2.8

Found this on devtalk and don’t understand why it’s not by default for FBX importer?!


I’ve been lookin at some Modo tools, and I lied quite a lot the Planar rotate snap, I think there was an addon by nano-will that he took down bc now he’s working on making that part of core blender. Do you know about other addon that could do this? I know about Mesh align plus is not as visual either.

Take a look at this addon

and there you can request a help to your specific situation
as I did

Ohh that’s great, I used it before for point to point moving, rotating is not as good, but is visual enough. Thanks!

it super powerful, I’m very excited about it


haha just like the one in modo…so i guess this is another addon to add to blender. My addon folder now takes more space than the actual software.

I don’t understand why the blender developers don’t incorporate these addons into the software, using the large community of developers instead of trying to do everything by themselves.

They look like protective parents who are scared of letting their kid go out and play outdoors. :slight_smile:

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I have a stupid question about the outliner. In modo you can click and drag to move a mesh above/below another mesh/item. How the heck do you do this in the Blender outliner?

you can’t because it’s blender :slight_smile: it was made by dutch people, it’s an alien technology but luckily they are changing it for us humans.


What does this actually do? You just want things arranged manually instead of alphabetically?

I think - yes, and it’s already done by GSoC outliner project

I find it interesting people are still showing up to the Foundry forum, asking where the Blender thread went. Any Modo+Blender users (former or current) should weigh in:

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if you’re afraid to lose users to another program, then thats just a hint to improve your program.

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Or insecure in the ability to compete for the consumer and their money. =)

now it’s possible

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Coming from 3dsMax, the modular nature of Blender is something I love. So easy to enable/disable/install addons. I can download portable 150 meg nightlies and retain all my custom prefs/UI/hotkeys/addons without doing a thing. Max, in comparison is a nightmare. 10gig extract every time I want to download the latest beta, and then hours on installing and setting up…

As for your question above about loopcutting, I highly recommend Polyquilt. Having Max’s Swiftloop is a godsend. Once you set it up in its own prefs with hotkey combos it becomes an indispensable Swiss army knife. You don’t need to use it from the T toolbar.

Also, to cut selected you can shift+h, cut, alt+h.

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Hey there Blender users, Is It possible to add subd modifier just to the selected part of the mesh and not the whole object just like in MODO. This is so important feature to have one part of the mesh to be subd and other part of the mesh being not subd under same Object which is possible in MODO !!

The subdivision modifier has no controls for limiting the effect to only a part of the mesh. Two options are:

  1. split the mesh, apply subd to the split part

  2. apply modifier, select the part you need subd’d, invert the selection and set the mean crease to 1

There are caveats to both methods compared to Modo.

Hmmm. I think Modos way Subd per face and not the whole object is better for concept modelling phase ! Tor Frick uses this technique of partial SubD and Non Subd meshes under One Item and booleans on Non subd plus Polystein Kit on subd.
It is actually prety advance method but not possible in Blender ufortunately !

Depending on the context you can use the bevel modifier as a partial subdividision replacement since it supports vertex groups. Obviously this is a work around and not applicable to all conditions.

See the image

You can also use some of Blender node addons like Sverchok or Sorcar for emulating partial subdivision.

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Thanks for the Info ! :::