For Modo user switching to Blender 2.8

I need to correct myself.
Only 2 of 4 options scale to 100%: “FBX Units Scale” and “FBX All”.

BUT one thing is huge for people who export animation or something related to Camera settings.
After import to MODO with this (“FBX Units Scale” and “FBX All”) settings my Camera Focal Length become 5000mm from 50mm.

Thanks for reminding.

I thought that is god given,
my Camera focal length settings had been always off for FBX imports.

You can freeze scale on import. Also I recommend the better FBX addon, that solves many issues, but its also a bit slower

It is possible do this in blender?

The closest thing I’ve seen is a Uv deform, but it looks to be a good amount of work more than the modo feature.

Also does anyone have an elegant alternative to the element action center? I’m constantly am Changing my Pivot point. And current Blender method seems clunky by comparison.

Not on UV but on surface, try this method

Also related, it may be interesting for you too. Old video but still actual
snap seamlessly hard surface objects in blender


Besides the method APEC mentioned, there is an addon (paid),

Regarding action centers and pivit points. You can try keKitt keKit for Blender (2.8+) and Modo-Me

I do miss the background constraint and topo edit tools so. Just simpler to use then a modifier.

Also, does anyone know if there is a script that does rectangle straighten UVs? I know there is an alignment tool in blender, but I love to have a one click solution.

Free TexTool or paid UVToolkit have Straight feature.

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Never tried it, but isn’t “Mesh UV Tools” inside UV Tools (the last panel) supposed to do something similar?

I haven’t tried it yet, but this seems to mimic the Element Action center.


Yes, this is awesome tool in Modo. The closest analog I was able to find is PolyQuilt addon.

Anyone know of a ruler/measure/distance tool in Blender that stays on while modeling or if its possible with the ‘measure’ tool, just like the one in Modo? I would like to see measurements as I model. I think to use the ‘measure’ tool in Blender, you cannot be modeling… If you switch to ‘select’/modeling mode, the measurements disappear. Perhaps I’m wrong and don’t know how to use Blender’s ‘measure’ tool properly.

You can try keKitt’s Quick Measure:

Is there a something that works like Seneca’s “select that mesh” Mouse over script?

Also is there a way to change the shading of a non active versus an active object?

No to both.
There are a few options to themes that may help you, but in general Blender offers no mixed shading mode,
But it has many option displaying mesh. The Material display can be used for textures or manual shader styles.
Also in Blender isolate view is one of the most important feature.


If I remember right what Seneca’s script does, Select Linked has the same functionality. I use it as one-button selection in Blender:

OMG that would give so much performance gains while working in some situations.

An Is Selected and Is Active Object shader node would be heaven.

This script might help :slight_smile: