For Modo user switching to Blender 2.8

you can also use extrude from offset edges addon (bundled with blender)


I’m wondering, what is the desired shape after you do that?
You’re not gonna leave it like that, what’s you next action?

I’m sure if you combine those 2 actions, you can find an equivalent in blender. Maybe it’s just about the order of execution.

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I just post it in other topic (see gif)

That could give someone the impression that Blender can make a cube and a sphere, and add some doodads to the shapes and that’s it, forget about characters, plants, buildings, furniture or anything mildly complex.

In the case of the images, it would help if we know what these Modo users are trying to make, whether it’s something simple or something that would generally be difficult without the killer feature Modo is known for (Mesh Fusion).

I’m referring to Blender’s core (mesh) modeling tools, like extrude, inset, bevel, loop cut, knife, polybuild, slide and maybe some others…
If you compare those tools with it’s equivalents from other 3d apps, you can see that most of the time they lack some essential features, therefore they are basic/incomplete, so workarounds are needed to achieve things that should be done with those tools…


One of the biggest aspects of Modo I miss, is the smart utilization of tools that can function as one tool rather than many. Specifically how Modo merges the Bevel, Extrude and Inset tools into one tool. I’d love to see Blender offer a selection of “smart tools” in the same fashion, and let it be an option in addition to the ones that already exist.

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I do agree that some of the tools can be expanded, but the modeling situation is better than things were pre 2.8 because of the tool workflow, the tool-specific widgets, and the context menus. Howard Trickey is also overhauling the booleans so they can even work with co-planar faces. There’s also the intention to get bevel profiles in early in the 2.82 cycle.

If you want really basic, grab a build of Blender done before Bmesh was merged in, it seems like MS Paint in modeling compared to master.

Right now, the major core thing I think Blender modeling is still missing is a proper loft tool, such a thing could work well with the tool system where you could draw a path and a line of faces pop into place.

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Yeah sure, there are cool improvements happening here and there, which is great, but still there are several basic stuff missing…

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Not to mention the lack of “transform modeling”. :wink:

Technically the inset tool, can function as inset, extrude and what Max calls bevel which is a combination of both. I asked in the GSOC thread for the bevel profiles to function as Modo’s bevel profiles. The GSOC is over now but the developer is always threre, althought is not a priority for him anymore. Maybe if more people asked we could have them.