For my animation colleagues

Just for context: I’m coming from video production and 2D animation.

I’m a couple of months into transitioning to 3D workflows. I’ve studied textures, modeling, rigging, weight painting, physics, lighting and camera work are kinda ingrained in my head already, and Blender’s UI of course. I’ve been practicing how to animate characters in 3D vs 2D, and there are lots of helpful articles and videos to make this transition easier. Thanks to all who contribute!

My main questions are mostly for other animation specialists. What are the workflow “techniques” and “must haves” to make life easier while working in 3D? What are the main animation pit falls y’all struggle with and the work arounds?

I know that the last question in pretty vague, but we all know those few headaches we have to deal with on every project. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Tim

Just so you know I’m not trolling, lol, here is a current animation clip I’m working on for my film.