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(harkyman) #1


I seem to remember reading recently that your were working on the next version of your grass/hair generator. I have a suggestion that would really help out with animating your generated meshes.

Is it possible through python to assign vertex groups to generated meshes? If so, then as you generate your strands, you could assign all the base vertices to, say, “Level0”, and the next one up to “Level1”, etc., up until the tip of the grass/hair. That way, one could easily assign armatures to operate strands indepently of their base, or even script it’s motion on a vertex group-dependent basis.

Obviously, this may not be something you feel like tackling right now, but if it is the addition of a simple line of code or two to assign the vertices as they are generated, it would be phenomenal.

Actually, if vertex group access is allowed through Python, I just may give it a shot if you don’t. Anybody know? And where can I find out if no one knows? This would be my first Python project, but I’d hardly say I’m a newbie (Perl, C++, VB [oh yes - our whole company’s inventory and fulfillment system is written in VBA - the horror!], Pascal in the good old days).

(theeth) #2

in 2.23, you cannot access vertex groups. Maybe in 2.25, it depends what version of the API is in it.