For Shame on Peter Jackson

yeah if you didnt already know,
Peter Jackson (Kiwi Director ^_^)
has recently partnered up with Microsoft Game Studio’s
I can say FOR SHAME ON HIM to go with Microsoft, he should of chosen EA Games!!!

Link curtiosy of Alex_G from the Blender Artist Chat


Wow, don’t be an idiot, kthx.

EA Games SUCKS MAJOR ASS. They have the magical ability to suck all the quality out of the developers and package the shit that’s left over. There’s some successes, but tons and tons of horse shit from them.

And there’s nothing wrong with Microsoft Games. They’ve put out plenty of quality games.
And if you still think that everything MS touches is evil, then you’re up past your bedtime.

The people posting comments on that website look like a bunch of 12 year old tools.

His statements sounded like something out of a computer. Did Microsoft buy his soul also? This man should be doing what he does best… making movies, not videogames. I wonder how much they paid him?
Wow, pure genius. Not really. NEWSFLASH YOU MORON, PETER JACKSON WANTS TO MAKE MONEY. HE HAS BETTER THINGS TO DO THAN STAND UP FOR SOME BULLSHIT PRINCIPLE AND LOSE TONS OF MONEY. ALSO, HE’S NOT MAKING VIDEOGAMES, HE’S SUPERVISING THE STORY FROM HALO 3 WHICH INVOLVES IN-GAME-FUCKING-MOVIES. Jesus christ, what a mouthbreather. People like this should swallow a bullet to stop us from dealing with them. It’s the same type of people you hear in a theater before a movie starts, recycling prepackaging opinions from websites to his friends like he’s some kind of genius.

whoa… how much sand is in your vagina? go smoke some weed or something dude…

Valarking: You took the words out of my mouth.

you also knew he is making Halo the movie? i wonder if there are any reasons for partnership there perhaps…

P.s. i am from Wellington NZ :wink:


Again, your average Valarking post filled with caps and more of that.
Stating that EA sucks is an opinion, not a fact. And opinions are like…
EA is responsible for International Superstar Soccer, which is simply the best football game. Period.
MS for Age of Empires, which is the strategy. period.
A man like jackson could easily invest in a smaller company but that’s probably just wishfull thinking.

Guys,… please watch your language when posting and at least try to show some form of respect towards each other.


as a stockholder in MS, I’m happy.

MGS has Halo.

And for what he is doing, he will need Halo.

Because thats what he is working on.

But its not Halo 3.

Yeah Jackson is working on the Halo movie. So what? Money is money and people need money to live.

Linux will be used to Render the graphical parts of the movie. Who would have thought? :wink:

Didn’t peter jackson say the King Kong delay was due to his Halo addiction :slight_smile:
He has at least 6 companies in Wellington providing employment for artists with diverse talents, digital to blacksmiths producing chainmail, it’s all good :slight_smile: