For Shame!

I admit…I like ponies.

A couple of animation tests of some models.

Cute and clever.

One distracting bit: when the pony stands on his hind feet, his body doesn’t move back to remain in balance.

Even this pose would be slightly unstable, and the horse would be moving back down under the pull of gravity. In general, when a critter is balanced on its hind legs, the center of its neck is over its feet. This guy (above) is barely there.

Yeah. I tried my best. I’ll keep this in mind with the future.

It just looks like he does not shift its weight when standing. I do not think you should make him stand like a real horse. I do not think I have ever seen a cartoon horse move like a real horse.

Cute, " …Oh bother. " LOL

True. Cartoons bend reality.

:smiley: heh. Thanks.