For some reasome i cant render this file.....

Spin gives me this but i cant render it out

see below…

any ppl hav same problem as me?

what do you think?

It works fine on my comp. I just downloaded the file, opened it and hit Render.

The file’s setup to render in YafRay. Do you have that installed?

What does it say in the dos box when you try to render?

Two things to do:

  1. You have to install YafRay (downloadable at
  2. on WinXP you need a msvcr71.dll (will be installed with eg. MS .NET Package)

then the rendering runs without problems after just hitting the render button.

where should i put that dll file?

the dos box says: Error loading yafray pluging : _

the “_” means the dos cursor ,i ve installed Yafray, but this msg still come out, does that means i forgot to set the path? but i cant key in anything to the Dos box.

The msvcr71.dll should be moved into C:\WINDOWS\system32\ or wherelse your system is installed.

Yes: you get this message: "Error loading yaray plugin: " as long as the DLL file is not on the system, even when yafray is installed.

Problem solved Thanks People

Finally , after reinstall my windows…

i shold ask here before i reinstall my windows… :frowning: