For some reason spaceship generator is not working

For some reason no matter what I do when I switch to render view there is no spaceship with materials. This is what is happening, when I go into lookdev, no materials.

can you upload the file so we can test it

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Ok. This is the file. spaceship.blend (1.0 MB)

there is no material on your object !
so it render as greyish only

so add some material on different parts and it will start working as it should

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oh ricky, sweet sweet ricky. The addon he’s using is supposed to generate materials with the spaceship, I assume. I don’t own the addon of course, and don’t develop it, so can’t provide tech support. I suggest @Logimite, you take it up with whoever developed the addon. They might have an FAQ, or some way to report this bug. We might be able to help you find that FAQ or bug reporting page, if we had any idea where you got this from.

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sorry did not have time to read the whole doc for this addon

but check it out
there might be something for some mat !

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How do I get in contact with the person who made the addon?

Well, looks like you got some options there. On his website under contact, he has links to github, linkedin and twitter. Can’t say which one hes most active/likely to respond on.

Never mind if the addon works or not, but is no one else amazed by the fact that he chose the Github username of A1StudMuffin? :rofl: :rofl: