for the comparison-guys: cinema4d 10.5 ....



Yeah look at the UV mapper. I bet they just stole code from blender, but you can’t actually prove that.

Hm at least you better not show any of your precious code to Maxon until you have a signed contract, i could tell some odyssey of how C4D’s “SubPolygon Displacement” code got in there…in a not very gentlemen-like way.
Thos guys can’t surprise me anymore…

@lynx3d: please, tell…

i heard the same about maxons sketch-and-toon (…i heard it from a maxon-interna !!)


I’ve seen it, looks like they have all the UV mapping features that Blender has now. You saying they steal code from other programs?

Hmmm, isn’t it a violation of the GPL if they use Blender code and don’t provide the original source code?

Yeah, but how do you prove it. Also, there is no rule that says they can’t look at it and write a code that is only a little different.

Step through the code with a debugger, watch for known bugs, compare strings, etc.

But if they would have taken it from Blender, it would mean they’d have to open source all of Cinema4D if it went to court (it’s GPL, afaik, right?). I don’t think Maxon is stupid enough to take such a risk.

Nah. There’s no reason they couldn’t write their own code using the same paper that (brecht? who?) used to make the ABF++ Blender has.

I think it was Brecht that wrote the ABF++ code for Blender.

well in history Blender the free poor open-source program was the one who had it first
and not the big players :wink:

thats is already quite a statement and success story for belnder.

It kinda sucks, but that’s open-source for you. :frowning:
But it still doesn’t beat the fact that Blender is comparable to commercial programs and free! :slight_smile:

lol, yeah and they’ve got a sphere & a cube too.

Well, only so much: A friend of mine was working on micro-displacement code, due to some contacts Maxon apparently got interested, some code was exchanged, then he never heard from Maxon again and guess what, the next version had exactly that feature.
You may call it coincidence, but it seemed a little too unlikely for the author of that code…

But with open software, you freely give away your knowledge, you can’t really blame anyone for implementing the same thing, unless he copies the code.
The more feature they have in common with open software (and with a certain latency even) the more attractive the open software gets anyway IMHO…