For the FreeBSD and Mac OS X heads,

This little link is for you FreeBSD and Mac os X folks.
It should pass some light on to the linux folks,3973,555451,00.asp

why oh why does everything have to be harnessed to the yoke of the OS wars? They all have good points and bad ones: Linux, FreeBSD, MacOSX and yeah even windows (NT onwards) Use what you like- Its great that there is a choice, 'cuz each on its own ain’t for everyone.

It has nothing do with OS wars. Just a little BSD history thats all. To broading our knowledge of OS. It made no this OS is better than that OS statement.
Where do get this was a OS War post?
Silly. I guess any post dealing with an OS is geared towards “you guys” OS war. I use multiple OS’s.
It just that BSD has real good history and a lot of OS’s owe something to it.