For the Horde

Something simple I did in about an hour. It’s based of off the Warcraft series [or more so for me, World of Warcraft]. All rendered and modelled in blender, post-pro and textures in PS. Sculpt was used on the rocks, and softbodies on the flag.


i like the sky, the banner and the rock
good job :wink:

can’t wait to see an orc or any living things there
if there is a battle scene it’s better

looking great so far! Keep it up, im watching this one!:slight_smile:

thanks guys. there is technically alot more that could be added to this one. but im calling it finished for now, since I dont have the time to add more.

I believe this could make an easy 4 star project but it just lacks something.

Anyway 3 stars from me.