For the newbies!

Hey there guys!
We are a new team of game developers with designers and coders coming in from different sources, all who plan to learn along the process of making the game, chronomaly, which will be a full fledged game at one point of time. Our direct aim for now is a demo by October and for that we need about 3 modellers at least. Even if you are a newbie, as long as you have the enthusiasm we don’t mind because we’re the same! We plan to learn along the way.
Email me on [email protected] if you’re interested and i’ll give you a draft to see if you like the game we plan to make!
Looking forward to work with people from on here ^o^

great, i am newbie, thanks for opportunity , i will apply.

I’m up for it! I’m a amature and have some experience moddling but im always up for checking things out!

Hate to be the one to ask this Question… But what’s in it for the people who spend their time and effort on this project?