For the swiss, austrian and german blender users : Blender Wörterbuch Deutsc


I frequently hear from german speaking beginners if there’s a german version of blender. And I frequently reply, it’s better to expand the vocabulary instead. To help with that, I am working on a Blender-Dictionary. As of today, it’s not much, but I expand it on a rate of ten entries a day, which should make a difference in a year.

Blender auf Deutsch

Hier nochmal auf Deutsch: Ich arbeite an einem Blender-Wörterbuch, damit es alle deutschsprachigen Einsteiger etwas leichter haben, die englischen Begriffe zu übersetzen. Es ist noch nicht allzu voll, aber ich erweitere es mit ca 10 Einträgen pro Tag.



you germans need to expand your english vocabulary hehe :smiley: anyway the new 2.5 have language settings.

well, we could use this dict to do so :slight_smile:
@hautn_house: anyways, it’s probably a better idea to invest into a good german (or whatever) translation for 2.5. i recommend you to consider that!

imho one snould only consider to use the translations if you cannot speak english at all. ever tried an english tutorial on a software translated to german? it’s aweful! the translation causes more confusion than the english terms themself.

Yes, there should be more tutorials in german, but not necessarily with blender translated into german. I think translating all the buttons inside the application may localize the communities.

I have acquired most of my Blender knowledge in english and I don’t regret it. Look at wikipedia articles in english and then in german. Mostly it’s a not even half the length.

It’s a good thing to understand english. And keeping an interface consistant between users has it’s advantages.

I frequently run into that with Gimp or Ubuntu. I cannot find answers for specific problems using search engines cause I lack the original english menu lines. There’s always a good chance the desired knowledge for a specific problem is in english only.

So it’s not Internationalization, but localisation, putting us apart.

I thought blender had language customization in the full distro.

What’s the full distro? Are there more than one per release?

Right now, internationalization in Blender is poor. Maybe 2.5 will render the need for my dictionary obsolete. But Internationalization has been in Blender for years now with no one translating more than a small part of all tooltips, buttons and menus. So I’ll keep going for now.

Still I think enticing people to learn english is better than to build around their limitations. German menus and button just lead to people not capable of really communicating with you anymore, or do most of you easily understand what I mean if I ask, what ‘Kein Überschreiben’ oder ‘Rahmen’ means?

Support for people who use Blender with german text will be limited to german speaking people. I don’t know how that’s better than learning some english. It’s just like the number button arrow. Please Blender teach me for the next ten years with little arrows that a number button is a numberbutton and how to use it (: But I digress.

Working around limitations may be faster, but not necessarily more beneficial.

I mean “official”…but I have not checked.

I haven’t checked with 2.49 but 2.48a has all language options removed except english.