For those learning 3DS Max...

Recently I decided to learn 3DS Max because its the software most commonly used by game developers (which I hope to become someday) so I figured if I wanted a job in the gaming industry, I should become familiar with 3DS Max. I have a pretty good grip on Blender, so I’ve already learned the basics of 3D modeling and texturing. So I downloaded (yes, im not going to lie, sue me if you must) an E-book called the 3DS Max 7 Bible, and the book is great but it goes into too much detail and assumes absolutly no knowledge whatsoever. This is good for beginners to 3D but not for me, I just wanted to know how to use the basic mesh editing features and read a bit about material editing. So I look elsewhere for tutorials and ive come across a really helpful tutorial that assumes basic 3D knowledge and gives you the steps on how to make an impressive looking interior.

Here’s the link:

So far, my experience with 3DS Max has gone well despite the initial frustration of using Blender shortcuts and them not working. I can say that I really like this program. It has tons of features but its main drawback is speed. When you start figuring out how to do loop cuts and extrude you’ll realize how powerful and efficient Blender is. Blender’s interface is truly a unique design…

Anyway, maybe i’ll figure out how to change the shortcuts to make them match Blender shortcuts = )

No flaming please, I just wanted to share my experience.

I won’t sue you, because I’ve downloaded tons of eBooks illegaly myself :stuck_out_tongue:
Besides, that wouldn’t be ethical.
It’s a nice tut for experienced programmers who’d like to learn 3DSMax.
I suggest you move it to the forum “other software”.
Have a nice day!

Easiest thing on earth! You’ll find that max has got much better support for keyboard shortcuts than Blender. You can setup any command to any shortcut you like. Simply go to ‘customise user interface’ There you can setup all your shortcuts, user interface, viewport layouts and much more. You can save any or all your setups seperately or combined in one file. You can easily print these shortcuts, just for convenience.
Not meaning to critisize Blender, but it is simply one of those things where max is far ahead of Blender.

A lot of people attack 3ds max for reasons such as speed, lack of shortcut keys and all. These, I believe, are from a standpoint of a total beginner in 3ds max. Autodesk flagship, AutoCAD, is probably the most customizable app you could ever find in the world. Reason why it is still the industry standard. It’s Autodesk main bread and butter. It’s also the reason why they were able to buy Maya!:smiley: In other words, one of Autodesk’s forte is customizability.

Also, IMHO, Max has the best organized UI of all 3d packages. Sue me if you must for saying that.:smiley: And this is how it works: you are presented with all the tools on the screen using your mouse. No left-hand keying except when ask to input numbers or letters. You zoom in and out by pressing the zoom icon or from a menu. NO MODIFIERS. Which means you can work without shortcut keys, which is good for beginners. THEN when you become an expert you have a choice to use short cut keys. As simple as that.:D:D

well, if i may say. I’ve been using max for years now. Max has becoming bloated on every release. I do wish that autodesk would do a rewrite of max like softimage did, thrashing all those unnecessary stuffs, duplicated tools and better integrations of plugins such as mental ray (rendering often screws up when using opacity maps on max’ mental ray). Or better just use Mental ray as the default rendering engine and trash scanline. But I have to say it have easier learning curve than blender.

Max is lack of shortcuts? In opposite, I can’t use max without shortcuts.

after it “borrows” some of maya’s best interface scheme, shortcuts in Max are very accessible combined with editable poly editing tools. I really enjoy modeling in Max with shortcuts.

What I do suggest is that on early days you should read the help, search on the help for the shortcut scheme and get yourself comfortable to the expert mode (ctrl+x), that way you don’t get itchy moving your mouse to the provided icons when confronting the real deal.

Don’t change the shortcut scheme, get use to the standard scheme. Otherwise if you’re working on another computer you’ll have to re-setting everything all over again. Although you can save your keyboard configuration, but Max is keep changing its schemes everytime. Yes I do get confuse when I started to learn blender. But now I can work with both softwares without any problem.

Max certainly did not borrow anything from Maya. The latest version of Max was released before they bought Maya. The shortcut keys have been the same for many years now.
However I do agree that max is bloated.

I was originally going to get Max, but I decided to get Blender instead, since Max costs $4000… It has all the features needed to create some really great models, though I would like a couple of features from Max…