For those looking for lighting help

Read this tutorial:

Great resource and explanations of how light works, etc.

Well worth the read and bookmark.


awesome website, thanks for the link! really usefull information in there.

this is an excellent one. i read this a while back when first starting to use Yafray.

I’ve seen this before. But this time I bookmarked it.

Great site, but its already been posted:

However, I’m sure it’ll be of more use to people being posted on this forum.

Thank you. :smiley: Since i’m new to blender everything is usefull, since i registered here i made plenty of bookmarks :smiley:

That is indeed a very useful article, I found it a few days ago and learnt alot from it.

I found it very useful… :stuck_out_tongue:


-Complete lighting overview:

i’ve seen that :slight_smile: bookmarked now! pretty nice indeed.

here’s another good one: