For those sitting at home all day Hollywood DP releases his lighting courses for free!

For anyone stuck at home all day because of quarantine or just wants some added knowledge, Shane Hurlbut just released his cinematography and lighting courses for free. Knowing when, why, and how to light certain objects will apply in the real world and 3D.

The Illumination Workshop has videos that cover the following:

  • 5 things to look for when lighting any face:
  • Drop shadow
  • The Wedge
  • Eye reflection
  • Nose shadow
  • Eye shadow
  • When to use certain types of diffusion
  • Where to place your diffusion
  • Secrets to organic looking bounce light
  • How to use color checkers to ensure rich accurate skin tones
  • How to know what side to light a subject from
  • Shane’s proprietary technique for testing how to light faces
  • The power of shaping light
  • Lighting in layers
  • Finding the emotion of a scene
  • Making the talents eyes “pop”
  • How angle of light can affect character perception/emotion/beauty

Thanks! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while

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Great initiative, and every blenderer or renderer should watch such tutorials by real cinematography professionals. I didn’t get to see much because it asks for an email - so it’s not as free as I’d like. But I bet from the list it goes “a bit” deeper into 3p lighting than just slamming on 3 lights and calling it a day - with no sense of purpose and direction like most of the Blender tutorials I’ve seen. Maybe it covers Rembrant, butterfly, side, paramount lighting styles. I don’t really know, I only got a few minutes of it.

I haven’t seen it, but I think I can highly recommend it.

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Yeah, getting knowledge from masters like Hurlbut and others is incredible.
After the video pauses to ask for an email and once he establishes a crew and starts lighting the model with different techniques, is nothing but gold.